Peanut butter on toast           07:30 mins

[text shown with installation]

There is a barrier of skin between our inside and our outside and when objects transfer from in to out they become objects of repulsion. ‘Peanut butter on toast’ involves a hanging poo bag, filled with peanut butter, being teased up and down via a motor. Below the poo bag is a table and chair where the viewer can be seated, and on the table sits cutlery, a plate and a slice of toast. The only material between the peanut butter and the toast is a sheet of plastic, however the connotations of the poo bag mean you are repulsed. Beauty is only poo bag deep. The poo bag is acting as the skin, it is the barrier between the inside and the outside of the body. What is under our skin repulses us because we are used to it being hidden from the exterior projection. The peanut butter sits in the bag whilst giving us a feeling of revulsion because of our perception of shit - it is something abject and something we reject from the body in order to become whole. We immediately reject what is inside our body without truly knowing what it is (peanut butter).

© 2021 copyright Rosie McGinn. All rights reserved. 

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